April 27th, 2020

The Ultimate Homeowners’ Guide: What You Need to Know About Custom Shower Remodeling

By Nic Cornwell - Owner & Founder

Although every client has different ideas and inspirations when it comes to bathroom renovations, there are a couple of things we encourage all Quick Dry Restoration’s clients to keep in mind:

  1. Always work with a professional when you remodel wet areas
  2. Never neglect the prep work

When you’re planning a new bathroom, it can be easy to want to skip ahead to the fun part.

The beautiful new imported shower tiles. The innovative, water-saving shower head. The gorgeous tapware.

But what goes on before you lay those tiles is more important than you think. So when it comes to custom shower remodeling, here are three behind the scenes things we think every homeowner needs to know.

The Ultimate Homeowners’ Guide: What You Need to Know About Custom Shower Remodeling


We might be pleased with how good our new shower installation looks, and that’s great. But when you spend so much time—and effort, and money—on custom shower remodeling, you want it to last. Right?

The reason we always recommend hiring a professional for shower work is simple. We’ve seen too many DIY shower projects go terribly wrong, resulting in unsightly, or even dangerous, results. Spongy shower walls can be risky. Shower support bars can come away in your hand. Water pipes can rust inside water damaged drywall. Rotting flooring can give way under your feet. Your shower can cost you more to repair than it did to install.

So whilst it may seem like an extra expense when your shower installation crew recommend waterproof wall backer systems or treatments, it’s actually the more affordable option in the long-term.


A beautiful bathroom can be ruined by insufficient ventilation. The problem becomes more apparent if your bathroom has no windows.

The best solutions are to install windows, a strong extractor fan, and a shower dome. Windows will be the most costly option, but allow fresh, dry air to circulate through your bathroom and steam to escape. Your renovation team will ensure the window sill slopes slightly away from the window, to avoid water settling along the joinery.

A high quality, strong extractor does the same thing, protecting your bathroom from condensation and helping keep the bathroom mirror fog-free. Finally, a shower dome is a clear Perspex dome that fits over the top of your shower enclosure. This prevents excess steam and moisture from escaping, and keeps it trapped in the shower cavity. Eventually, the moisture will all run down the drain.


Before you decide how you want your custom shower remodel to look, consider how much of your time you’re willing to spend keeping it looking that way.

A simple shower enclosure with dome roofing is low-maintenance and time-friendly. Spraying a good quality shower cleaning product can be all it takes. Conversely, if you choose a complicated, multi-head shower with massaging jets and multiple materials, you’ll need to invest a little more work in your housekeeping schedule. Neither approach is wrong—it’s all a matter of what you are happy to do.


Now that you’ve learned more about what goes into custom shower remodeling, you’re in a better position to confidently plan your great bathroom makeover. By partnering with a professional team to install your new shower, you have the peace of mind of knowing your investment will last into the future.

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