April 27th, 2020

The Ultimate Homeowners’ Guide: 5 Benefits of Steam Cleaning Carpets

By Nic Cornwell - Owner & Founder

Just because your carpet isn’t stained, doesn’t make it clean.

If you want to keep your home looking good, and your family feeling healthy, getting your carpets cleaned should be at the top of your To-Do list.

So in this article, we’re exploring the 5 major benefits of steam cleaning carpets.

The Ultimate Homeowners’ Guide: 5 Benefits of Steam Cleaning Carpets

#1. Steam cleaning carpets boosts longevity

Dirt, dander, and general soil in your carpet wears the carpet pile out. Much like how sandpaper abrades wood, the dirt in your carpet abrades the carpet fibers. This causes it to lose luster, fray, and become dull—all things which shorten your carpet’s life.

To avoid replacing your carpet years—even decades—earlier than you should, have a professional team perform steam extraction cleaning in your home. This kind of thorough, deep cleaning is the best way to maintain the life and look of your carpet.

#2. Steam cleaning carpets refreshes your home

Freshly steam cleaned carpets are softer, silkier, and easier to vacuum. Not to mention: they smell better. Many of our Austin clients are surprised at home much better their homes smell after a thorough carpet steam clean.

#3. Steam cleaning carpets kills dust mites

Microscopic dust mites feed on human skin flakes, fungi, bacteria, and animal dander—all of which can be prolific in your carpets. As dust mites eliminate their waste, we breathe it in, causing allergy and illness in our families. To help eliminate the issue, we recommend buying a vacuum with a premium HEPA filter, and steam carpet cleaning. Dust mites can’t survive a thorough steam clean.

#4. Steam cleaning can prevent mold

Mold growth in your carpet stems from moisture in your home. To prevent mold from growing in your carpet—a damaging, dangerous, and expensive-to-fix problem—it’s important to get your carpet thoroughly dry.

There are some steps you and your family can take to keep your carpet dry on a daily basis:

  • Dry your feet instead of tracking rain or snow into your home
  • Remove your shoes inside
  • Blot and dry liquid spills quickly
  • Perform quick maintenance checks on a regular basis, to make sure your home has no leaks

Other than this, we recommend professional steam cleaning at least once per year. Done properly, and with the type of heavy duty equipment we use, we can extract all the moisture out of carpets—leaving them clean, dry, and refreshed.

**  Learn about the common signs of mold here

#5. Steam cleaning carpets removes pollutants

A thorough steam clean can remove pollutants trapped in your carpets—pollutants that make people sick. If you have young children at home, or work from home, minimize the risk by calling in the steam carpet cleaning experts. A top carpet cleaning company can remove:

  • Pet dander
  • Cockroach and insect allergens
  • Volatile organic compounds from cigarette smoke, chemicals, foreign particles, and paint


Carpet cleaning may sound like something we need to do when our carpet looks dirty. But the reality is, our carpets are gradually getting dirtier all the time—we just don’t see it. Help your carpets to last longer, and keep harmful allergens out of your home, by scheduling your carpets for a steam clean.

Ready to get your carpets looking better than they have in years? Our carpet cleaning service has you covered, 7 days a week!


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